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30 DOe is a Highly effective live coaching program that utilizes expert-led interactive learning, accountability tracking and the power of community to help you live like the world's best.

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A 360º Approach to Successful living

Personal Growth

In every aspect of your life

Unfiltered, entertaining and engaging live shows every week with real-time expert led Q&A’s, discussions and more.


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Exclusive only on 30 Days of Excellence, you can connect each week with world renowned experts to unlock the secrets they use to be the best in the world and gain skills to apply to your life.


of Authentic go-getters like yourself

Take on new skills in the form of challenges with your fellow community members to make lasting habits and be held accountable towards your goals, with new themes each month.


from world-renowned experts

Join in group discussions, interactive learning and connect with a global network of authentic go-getters, like yourself.

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Hosted by Jesse Itzler and Mona Sharma

11/2  | 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
Rituals: The Keys to Health and Success

11/9  | 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
Magnitude of Movement and Mindfulness

11/16  | 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
The Power of Food

11/23  | 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
Community Wrap-Up

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Life transformation unlike anything you've experienced before

A new approach and format to life transformation with exclusive membership access only

Expect the unexpected. Participate in live polls, chat, Q&As and breakout rooms with new expert guests.

Be part of the show. You impact the outcome, connect directly with the experts and ask the questions.

Learn what skills top experts are practicing and
apply them to your life.

Achieve more with your community of fellow members, support and learn from one another.

Receive real-time support, guidance, motivation and be held accountable to take actions towards surpassing your goals.


"30 Days of Excellence is not only life-changing, but it's life-enhancing...It takes every single area of your life into levels that many people would call miraculous."


"We've learned about better cooking, we've learned about improving memory, how to take care of our brain, how to improve our breathing, and I look forward to what's on the agenda down the road."


"30 Days of Excellence is all about building a story...This program is getting people to create bigger, more exciting, more intense stories so that at the end of their life, their whole story is a bigger and better one as a result. "


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7-day Free trial. Money back guarantee.