What is the
Calendar Club?

With anything in life, we have to push past our limits if we want to achieve our loftiest goals. The Calendar Club is all about building a mindset that allows us to reach beyond what we thought was possible for ourselves. It started as a straightforward physical challenge: run the number of miles that corresponds to the day of the month (run 1 mile on the 1st, run 15 miles on the 15th, etc.).

As more people got involved in The Calendar Club, more creative ways of participating began to take shape. Some were biking, walking, or even rowing the miles, all united in the common goal of self-improvement through building grit.

How Do you

Anyone can be a part of the Calendar Club! Make a pledge today to run, walk, bike, or whatever else you can think of, every day of the month. Track your progress, and share your achievement on social media using #BYLR #CalendarClub.

Calendar Club

Hall of Fame

Sign your name and join the Hall of Fame! Input your name, what month you completed the challenge, and the discipline you used (running, walking, rowing, steps, or other).

Tell the world that you’re a Calendar Club Completionist! The BYLR shop features special deals on Calendar Club merchandise.