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30 Days of Excellence

We all want to learn about the habits, routines and mindsets from some of the world's most successful people. What keeps them going? How do they find motivation? How do they attack their day?

“30 Days of Excellence" is a weekly, live life coaching program created to give folks a deep dive into the mindset and principles behind 3 unique leaders. Live training from experts like Wim Hof, Jim Kwik and more!

Join Jesse Itzler (Emmy Award Winning Rapper, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur), Chadd Wright (former Navy Seal), and Marq Brown (former NFL player) as they openly discuss the habits and routines that have led them to the top of their fields. Whether you are an entrepreneur, athlete or parent you will benefit from this live training program.

All live calls are on Wednesday's at 8pm EST, but you can access them at ANYTIME. And if you sign up now, you will also get Jesse Itzler's Build Your Life Resume course in full ($399 value).

The goal of this "mini course" is simple...to make your NEXT 30 DAYS...OUTSTANDING!

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Meet Our Team

Jesse Itzler

From selling multi-billion dollar companies (Marquis Jets and Zico), to finishing ultramarathons, to living with monks, Jesse Itzler's done it all!

Chadd Wright

A former Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner, Chadd has a mind and a spirit like no one else on the planet.

Marq Brown

Marq is an ex-linebacker for the New York Jets, personal fitness trainer, proud husband, and father of two. His motto is simple: Never, EVER quit.

First-of-its-kind live coaching program

1 new challenge theme every month - we learn a new skill as a group

4 live calls per month with Jesse Itzler, Chadd Wright, Marq Brown and our Expert Guests

A 30 day road map for successful habits, routines, and mindset

Access to Jesse Itzler's BYLR online course ($399 value)  

Unlimited access to recordings of all past calls

Motivational messages and challenges sent to you

Watch why Jesse, Chadd, and Marq started "30 days of excellence"

Our Monthly Skills

August 20
We heard from food entrepreneurs Doug Evans, learned the art of Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Mindy Pelz, and how to make nutrition packed, healthy meals from Chefs Alexis Autenreith & ‘Souper’ Jenny Levinson

September 20
Learn the art of never forgetting a name from USA Memory champ Nelson Dellis, how to maximize your personal space with KonMari expert Patty Morrissey and unleashing your true potential with best-selling author and brain coach Jim Kwik

October 20
The group will be joined by Wim Hof who will share his unique story and introduce us to the fundamentals of breathing and cold therapy

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